At Performance Trailers, we are an authorized dealer for over 20 manufacturers of open utility, landscape, and heavy duty equipment trailers. This enables us to source the best trailer solution for a wide range of hauling requirements.

Homeowner-size light utility trailers

Professional landscaper trailers

Small and mid-size skid steer and excavation equipment trailers for up to 30 ton payloa

Heavy-duty excavating and paving equipment trailers

Open Trailers are available with options such as spring assist ramps, our own design ramps which allow easier loading. On large trailers, air-operated ramps are an option. Share with us what you need to tow, and we will work to match the best manufacturer to meet your requirements. We also can make modifications and install custom options here in our shop. We have the equipment and people to make what you need.

Place a Special Order

Due to the high turnover rate and demand of specific trailers in stock, please call ahead to reserve your trailer and color to assure availability upon your arrival. Trailers not immediately available are re-stocked on a consistent basis and can also be special ordered.

More Than 25 Years of Experience

  • You may pay a little bit more for a trailer, however it is worth every penny. This is my 3rd Landscape trailer I bought from them and will continue to do so. The small things are what makes the difference.


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