Bring Your Bikes Everywhere with Our Motorcycle Trailers

  • Whether you want to move one motorcycle or 20 at a time, Performance Trailers has the answer
  • Sizes from a 5 ft by 8 ft with a 6 ft interior height or 7 ft by 12 ft to hold 2 motorcycles, up to 53 ft commercial trailer
  • From a simple budget trailer to tricked-out, we have the experience and motorcycle enthusiasts on staff to guide you to the trailer that will work for you
  • Bikes, trikes, ramp loading angles, tie down chocks and systems – we will explain what works
  • Our very own US patented SnapRack wheel chock system allows fast, snap-in-place tie down
  • We also install many other types of tie downs and organizational racks

Choose the Right Bike Trailer

Experienced, “biker” trailer experts are available at Performance Trailers Inc to help you with any part of the following trailer selection process.

The first decision in selection of a motorcycle trailer is fundamental – open or enclosed trailer?

  • Open is less expensive
  • An enclosed trailer shelters your bike from the elements when parked or on the go, and provides security from casual and malicious onlookers
  • A stone shield should be considered for open trailers
  • An enclosed trailer can be used as a garage without paying building expenses

The next decision is choice of aluminum or steel frame:

  • Steel is less expensive, however it is more subject to corrosion, and therefore depreciates faster.
  • Aluminum requires less maintenance, and generally retains better resale value.

Safety First When Towing a Bike

Weight requirements must also be considered, usually a bike trailer has single or tandem 3500# capacity axles. A single axle is normally good for two bikes and tandem axles for three or more. Lighter, smaller bikes like dirt bikes take less trailer per bike. Note: more axles does not prevent sway, a common belief. Proper loading of the trailer is the solution for sway. Buying more axles than needed will only give a rough ride to your bikes and cost you in gas.

Protect Your Bike While Traveling

Height is another consideration. Stand up interior heights can be 5’ 7” to 6’ 7”, according to customer preference. Different models and manufacturers have different standard heights. Heights can be ordered in 6” increments. Low riders, with total trailer height low enough to be parked inside a standard house garage (7’ high), can be supplied. The low rider has a lowered floor frame and offset axles, with interior height insufficient to stand straight up. However, some communities do not allow trailers parked outside.

Manufacturer’s Warranties Available

  • Military family heading cross-country and wanted a car trailer, but needed it fast. I had nothing but the tow-packaged truck to start with and was needing everything else from a class on how to set/hook it up, to loading, to work everything, and any tips/tricks of the trade. Got a very fair deal and some TLC from their staff -- SPECIAL THANKS TO DEBBIE.


Convenient Location

Performance Trailer is easily accessible from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut. Check out our parts and accessories catalog or visit our secure online parts website SnapRack.

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